Revenue optimisation just got really important.

Revenue optimisation just got really important. featured image

It’s time to focus on necessities.

The need to make, and grow, revenue in our rapidly changing world just got very real. Growing revenue isn’t about spending more time at the beach. Making money is imperative for our families, our staff and our country. The lines snaking around the block at welfare offices are heartbreaking. Every dollar is much harder to earn in a rapidly shrinking economy. You can only afford to have raving fans. Customer experience trumps all. We explain how to build your team’s capability to grow your revenue in a challenging environment using RevOps.

What is RevOps?

RevenueOperations, often shortened to RevOps, is a proven way to illuminate the path to growth. It brings together people from across your organization to close gaps in your customer experience that drives increased revenue. Customer’s needs have changed overnight but they still expect seamless, personalized experiences. For many, this just got even harder as old organizational silos and rifts just split wide in the face of panic and self-isolation.

There’s hope. Challenging times can be used as a call to arms, uniting Go-To-Market teams in ways never imagined. This laser-like focus on plugging the gaps in your organisation’s customer experience needs four very different capabilities – strategy; tools; enablement and insights.

Who should be involved in RevOps?

RevOps is all about driving collaboration. The key teams that should be all over customer experience to drive revenue are:

The Sales Team
Providing information and insights to support the broader data-driven decision making.

The Marketing Team
Delivering a 360-degree view of your marketing funnel echoing the value that you deliver.

The Customer Success
Shaping consistent customer experiences that create raving fans while making sure that customers are heard inside your organization.

Communicating the revenue picture while analysing the cost of goods sold and other financial matters that impact revenue.

How do you make RevOps happen?

You want to grow revenue fast. An organisational re-structure should be off the table. They are expensive, high stress and take time. You needed results yesterday. Creating a collaborative approach that brings together the people who make the sales, make the magic and count money means you need to pull the right levers in the right order. It starts with revenue becoming the north star metric, underpinned by reliable insights, that unites teams to deliver what customers need (and pay for).

A sprint-based approach can be used to deliver results quickly. Inspired by the Japanese concept of ‘kanban’ that has stood the test of time, RevOps shines a light on:

How does the customer see it?

It all comes back to the customer and their journey because, without them, you don‘t have a business. Their experience must be joined-up, allowing the best chance of capturing all of the value out of each interaction. The aim here is not to acquire customers, but advocates.

Feeling exhausted? Scared? Overwhelmed? It’s time to rise strong. See the future where data meets strategy meets design meets revenue. Ask us about how we can build a roadmap for RevOps in your organisation. We cut through the noise with humility and grace, drawing a clear line between the opportunity, your customers, your team and your revenue.

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