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Hoist is not an agency. We don’t charge commissions and nor do we add markups. We can, however, suggest proven partners to run a broader strategic process or marketing campaign. Or, if needed, Hoist can slot into your existing team.

We can be a long-term workhorse, deliver special projects or offer ad hoc creative direction. Of course, all IP and native files are yours (once invoices are paid).


One of the common mistakes made by growing businesses is to develop only a superficial brand identity. They typically have to repeat the process when marketing efforts fail down the track. Hoist delivers brand systems that have been in some way proven to communicate the right signals. The first task is to arrive at an agreed brief. If needed, we can work with marketing and product experts to run a deep strategic process upfront.

Brand Enquiry


Good design synthesizes how the customer thinks, what the business needs and who the competitors are. The outcome is accessible, functional and engaging. We start with mood boards, wireframes and rough mock-ups that are fully approved before we start on the detailed finishing work. Our design works seamlessly across all channels. This means we deliver a consistent overall user experience. The end-product is a simple and enjoyable pathway for a customer to engage with your business.

User Experience
User Interface
Website Design
Human-Centred Design
Content Design
Campaign Design
2D & 3D Animation
Packaging Design


Great writing balances the right information, with the right tone and importantly, the right length. The aim is to unfold the concepts one at a time in a logical manner, building towards a compelling argument. This requires a briefing document (relax, we write it for you) that presents a hierarchical overview of the strategic messages. Once the branding has set the tone of voice and the wireframes have defined the amount of text needed, the writing can begin. The approvals process is structured to ensure feedback is concise and changes are prompt.

Video Scripts
Pitch Decks
Award Submissions
SEO / Web Text


Hoist directs the development of brand assets that feature in websites, campaigns or general communications. We create shot lists, style guides, prototypes, storyboards and mockups which help our clients visualise the end products. Then we brief specialists in execution and creatively direct the process. Our job is to keep your identity consistent across a range of applications as we bring to life your business strategy.

Direction of:
3D / 2D Animation