Defining a brand that breaks with convention

When Hoist started working with Sentinel Financial Group, they were finding it hard to communicate what they offered. These former stockbrokers were on a mission to help everyone navigate investing like a professional – without paying a high fee. They had built a powerful investment engine in-house that helped clients choose and manage a diverse portfolio of investments with the assistance of advisors. The model did not fit all the definitions of a platform, nor was it an ETF provider or a financial advisor. As such, it was hard to compare.

Making storytelling easy

After defining the solution as being clearly different, we then needed a ‘bouncing ball’ that easily led audiences through a story that could get technical. We introduced a paper boat character that could navigate investing like a professional and demonstrate the stability gained through diversified investing. The aim was to make advanced concepts accessible to everyone who needs to grow or defend their wealth.

“Hoist provided us with broad-spectrum creative services. Cam and his team essentially helped us to better understand our own business. Then they enabled us to communicate it to the outside world. We had worked with a few different creative outfits over the years before we found Hoist. Their team was able to reset our thinking and to look objectively at what we were doing.”

Norman Robinson, CEO, Sentinel Financial Group