Strategic design for a ground-breaking business.

As far as wicked problems go, Aboriginal housing is one of the wickedest. Studio Kinship is an Aboriginal-owned design and construction business that hopes to overcome endemic overcrowding and homelessness by delivering culturally appropriate housing. A pilot program is currently underway in Fitzroy Crossing to demonstrate the cost-efficiencies of alternative housing approaches. Hoist has been on the journey from the get-go, assisting with key messaging, investor relations, design thinking, service and experience design, brand development and content creation.

Community engagement to design accessible services.

Hoist is assisting Studio Kinship by testing possible digital solutions that support the design, construction, maintenance, learning and training phases. The final app will act as a central interface between stakeholders both inside and outside the community. The first step was a strategy workshop with key decision-makers and partners to identify knowledge gaps, plan the on-going research, prioritise human outcomes and measure gains. The aim was to create a transparent housing process that placed relationships in the centre of the model, using digital tools like never before.

Impact of strategic design

Hoist has assisted Studio Kinship communicate the need for change in their communications with government and investors. The key has been to faithfully translate ancient customs into a housing model that has the potential to change lives.

“Cameron has listened intently and has then brought our business model to life. He prototyped the best ways to serve communities and tell their story. He is truly an outside-the-box thinker. If you want a meaningful user experience, you need Cameron.”

Lisa Halton, Co-Founder, Studio Kinship

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