Anticipating the future of energy with UON

UON is an integrated energy company delivering power and water solutions in the resources sector and beyond. It services off-grid sites in the harshest of environments, installing over 150MW of power capability to date. Our involvement began with the design of the original identity in 2009 and a decade later we are now launching its new clean, green UON Smart range of solutions for dewatering, power generation and energy storage. This is an on-going project involving the development of a design system across all channels.

Connecting people, data and technology

With the global megatrend of decarbonization being driven now by economics, Tier One miners are becoming aware of the benefits of hybrid power. Nevertheless, the initial cost of transformation has historically been prohibitive for many. We helped articulate the UON vision of a simpler, more immediate pathway to clean energy using end-to-end solutions that cut fuel burn, capital expenditure, and carbon footprint. Central to this was a promise to save 30% of capital and operational expenditure on power generation on all UON sites.

Designed to aggregate data 24/7

We assisted UON to communicate the way their hardware and software integrated. We started off by designing the current and ideal client journey. This assisted the integration of people, data and technology in a turn-key methodology we called UON Smart; an energy management platform driven by continuously flowing data from smart metres on the units. We created highly visual interfaces so that clients can see the benefit of their investment.

Measuring the return

Following on from winning the Telstra Business of the Year, UON has launched the Energy for Every Future vision with great success. Hoist was instrumental in the launch and assisted in the raising of significant funding from Macquarie Bank, led by brokers BDO. The business is currently inundated with demand.

“We could not have achieved this award (Telstra Business of the Year) without your input. Great job.”

Mark Keogh, Executive Chair, UON