The Government of Western Australia

The Asian Engagement Strategy 2019-2030 is an important document in Western Australia’s business history. It draws attention to the State’s biggest opportunity – the fact that the world’s fastest growing economy sits squarely in our timezone. Our job was to design the report to capture the attention of people from a wide range of sectors and cultures across the Asia-Pacific Region. COVID-19 and the unwinding of globalisation only increases the importance of this pivotal strategy.

Launching the Access Asia Business Grants Program

The Access Asia Business Grants required an identity program that borrowed from the design of the report. The target audience interfaced with a mobile-friendly approvals process that was designed to be simple and effective.

Measuring the outcome

The launch of the report was a major success. The report has been embraced like few reports of its kind. Although this was due to more factors than just the design of the document and the user interface, our contribution certainly played a part. The project highlighted our ability to collaborate closely with an internal department as a part of a winning team.

“Cameron is one of the most talented designers I have worked with. He is an outstanding interpreter of concept and visual languages. Cameron listens, is thoughtful, super-creative and is always responsive to the needs of the client.”

Walter Gomes, Manager, Strategic Projects
Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation