Strategic design that makes change seem kinda cool.

You’re an expert in your field. Maybe you see an opportunity that others don’t, and you have a plan to deliver on it. Unfortunately, it will fail if you can’t do one thing: demonstrate the benefit of the innovation. Hoist does this by designing experiences, building brands, and creating content. Then we work with proven partners to target receptive audiences.

We smile at walls

Right now, you’re facing a barrier. Maybe you’re drowned out by competitors. Or your audience can’t make sense of your data. Possibly you’ve developed an innovation that decision-makers don’t understand – and won’t pay a premium for. Whatever it is, we’ve seen and overcome these barriers for more than twenty years.

Helping UON deliver energy for smarter mining

UON is an integrated energy company delivering innovative solutions to the mining sector. Our involvement began with the design of the original identity in 2009 and most recently have launched its new clean, green UON Smart™ range of solutions for dewatering, power generation and energy storage.

“We could not have achieved this award (Telstra Business of the Year) without your input. Great job.”

Mark Keogh, Executive Chair, UON

What  we do: