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Data analytics puts science behind your decisions. It can be used to explain what’s happening now; predict what might happen and compare different courses of action.
Analytics provides a laser focus on your customers and operations targeting the most profitable customers by finding the right audience with the right offering at the right time. Predict your success and lock onto what works best using key metrics surfaced through easy-to-read dashboards. Done properly, it can ensure the customer journey is focused and personalised throughout.

Analytics services

Market Analytics
Hoist looks across your industry identifying general trends in service delivery and customer experience. This provides a useful reference point against which we can solve problems that we know to be relevant.
Performance Analytics
We conduct a deep interrogation of your past performance through Google and other analytics sources such as net promoter scores and lead scoring. We use this to predict more cost-effective and rewarding digital marketing approaches.
Competitor Analytics
It is a mistake to let your competitors determine your strategy. That said, there is much to be learned by the successes and failures of those who have journeyed the same path before you.
KPI Development
We break down how your business measures success and set key performance indicators, paving the way for clear and informed goal-setting.
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