Community Solutions

The Community Solutions Group is a non-profit community services organisation with locations across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. It delivers a wide range of services encompassing the teaching of simple life skills through to highly clinical advice. In the lead up to taking on a major NDIS contract, it was essential to ensure the consistency of the services delivered through the thirty five offices and three subsidiary business.

“The project absolutely achieved what we hoped it would. It brought many brands together as one, and was extremely well accepted, embraced and adopted. This has been a platform for a whole range of positive transformations over and above how we present ourselves as a group.”

Natasha Read, General Manager – Community Solutions Group

Case study

Bringing to life future possibilities

We began with a research program and brand strategy that aimed to manage perceptions across the key stakeholder groups. This provided the foundation to launch a brand visioning program that helped the executive teams discuss the future possibilities of the group. This was followed by a highly successful roadshow that shared the new vision, finding that it was welcomed by stakeholders nationally.

Measuring the return

The biggest outcome was unity. Over the past year the group has come together to successfully deliver consistent services for disadvantaged people under one trusted brand. Culture is a vital driver of quality services and brand is in turn a driver of culture. In this way the project has directly impacted on the work of a business changing the lives of disadvantaged Australians.

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