Systematic revenue generation.
A system for us is any framework for activity that drives efficiency. They can be both highly creative and highly technological (but we bring in partners when it comes to your tech stack). What matters is not the activity – it’s the outcome.
Revenue growth comes from finding a strong fit between the product or service, the needs of the end-user and the plan to take it to market. We believe that growth strategies should be aggressive, targeted and rigorously tested. While some businesses rely on untried assumptions, visionary businesses find ways to quickly validate the approach. We use targeted campaigns, pilots and prototypes providing both feedback and conversions.
Marketing outcomes

Strategy Planning
Targeting individuals who are making buying decisions for their organisation (rather than themselves) requires a specialist approach. Hoist lets their needs, interests, and challenges point to the ideal engagement approach.
Marketing Automation
Hoist implements CRM and digital marketing systems driving a personalised experience for the end-user. Selecting the right technology is determined by your needs. We are platform-neutral but are rigorous in our research and rationale.
Marketing Personalisation
So your marketing addresses customers by their first name. This is a good start. Now you must offer people what you already know they want. Done well it can reduce spam, increase conversion rates, lift average order value and give you bang for buck.
Project Management
After the delivery of a fixed fee/ fixed deadline scope of works, Hoist is available to provide marketing project management on-going as needed. We act as an out-sourced marketing resource until an internal team can be hired.
Indicative stages

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