Relaunching Australia’s largest social franchise.

Job Futures had long been a leading community services network helping disadvantaged groups engage with their communities. However, Job Future’s unique model was being confused with tick-and-flick for-profit competitors. The job was simple: reveal the grass-roots community first approach to grow the support base and resist the increased competition from larger multi-service conglomerates. The objective was sustainability in the form of a brand that could stand out, win contracts and inspire collaboration.

Defining a community-first model

The vision was for a business model that aggregated the power of the many member organisations into one powerful player. This model was designed to directly solve the problems that users were experiencing. It also had to address how the sector was transforming in the context of the new ‘user-chooses’ world order. This was informed by an extensive report from a partner research firm. The direction was then sold internally to the Chairs and CEOs of the member organisations identifying how it would work, the future scenarios that would play out and the benefits to all stakeholders.

To embed this change, Job Futures was renamed to reflect the broad community activation focus – CoAct. A highly differentiated identity was designed that brought to life a picture of how CoAct services could change communities across Australia. The launch plan included a conference that brought together speakers on innovation in community services from across the globe and the nation.

Measuring the return

CoAct is now positioned as Australia’s leading community services network working with disadvantaged groups. It stands firmly apart from the crowd of profit-driven big international businesses that have moved in to the profitable Australian community services market. The work delivered successfully told a powerful story of local providers embedded in communities doing a better job to help people through shared expertise and connections. The network has grown its service locations meaning that it can bring its higher-quality services to more communities and people in need.

“Cam has partnered with CoAct over the last three years, playing an integral part of the marketing team in the rebranding and transformation of CoAct from Job Futures. During this time, Cam has always had a focus on achieving the very best outcomes and quality for us. He excels in thinking big and generating new and exciting ways to solve problems that can also create new opportunities and engage with target markets. I
would recommend Cam to anyone without hesitation.”

Kirsten Ibbotson, General Manager, Customer and Brand, CoAct

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