Imagining green transport transforming South East Asia.

MO has developed a cost-effective way to drive the mass adoption of electric motorcycles in South East Asia. The World Health Organization estimates that up to 2.4 million deaths a year in South East Asia are attributable to air pollution. Converting the 200 million motorcycles in the region to MO’s zero-emissions electric alternative will make a material contribution to reducing this number. Hoist acted as the bridge between the idea and the real world, making the MO concept tangible and easily understood by customers and regulators.

A story borne from an environmental threat

Air pollution has long been an issue in South East Asia’s megacities. MO imagines a future where the 200 million motorcycles currently burning petrol are instead cleaner, safer and more affordable electric motorcycles. To do this requires addressing the distinct concerns of customers and regulators. Our work involved understanding those concerns and working with MO to craft a compelling story around how MO’s solution addressed each group’s needs.

Once we helped MO tell its tale, we translated that story into a series of compelling visuals that were integrated into a holistic view of the brand and its growth strategy. We crafted a horizon driven growth strategy from idea, to start-up, to limited roll-out to commercial customers to an eventual mass consumer launch across multiple

Charting the progress

The incorporation of Hoist’s work into MO’s offering saw an immediate increase in traction with regulators and potential customers. Working with Hoist has enabled MO to successfully move from idea to start-up and has laid the foundation for its upcoming commercial launch.

“Hoist transformed our ability to engage with customers and stakeholders. Most importantly, they took complex ideas, gave them a real world visual context and made them intuitive to understand. Cameron was a real pleasure to deal with, creative of course, but responsive and deeply engaged with our project.”

Olivier van Hardenbroek, Co-Founder, MO Batteries

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